Alexandra Mayers - just some thoughts

Rethinking the roles of destruction white women have played in my life as a Black American woman. It’s not white males who are the problem, it’s their mothers.

October 8, 2018

Post the brett Kavanaugh hearings, enabled by the Donald Trump administration, Alexandra Mayers has taken the time to review the roles white women (American and from abroad) have played in her life and how they've negatively (in many instances) effected her activism in regards to the pornography industry, her personal relationships and how historically (from her perspective) many have been incredibly detrimental to women's civil rights as a whole.

Alexandra Mayers from here on will likely never speak another negative word about how the adult entertainment industry allegedly negatively effects white American women again - because from her point of view, the truth is they're just fine with enslaving themselves and relinquishing the right to think for themselves in effort to preserve white privilege and white "purity" for their sons, fathers and brothers.

"Old white American men" didn't appear out of no where. Their mothers created, enabled and support them. It's possible American pre-civil war slavery would have ended far earlier were it not for the attitude and presence of the multitudes of white American women at that time.

At the end of this podcast Alexandra shares a list of multiracial (half black and half white) celebrities - and an overwhelmingly high percentage have white mothers. Alexandra believes the reason is due to white males fearing having children with Black women due to their own racist white mother's attitudes (which is something Alexandra has experienced first hand).

Would Barack Obama have been elected president we're his mother Black rather than white? Unlikely - because more often than not multiracial offspring of Black women identify as "Black" - and since the days of Frederick Douglass, white society (white women namely) have viewed that mentality as a "threat". Is the reason why America (white women specifically) has an aversion to Meghan Markle and Trevor Noah due to their mothers being Black? Most likely...