Since the FOSTA legislation, have high end shopping venues in conjunction with dating apps replaced Craigslist and Backpage?

October 21, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares more tips for adult entertainers seeking real world (non adult industry employment) and questions as to whether or not today's millennial adult entertainers & sexworkers have replaced Craigslist adult personals & Backpage with dating apps & high end shopping venues.

Alexandra Mayers does believe & shares that all humans (male male or female) should not ever sell themselves outsideoof their comfort zone due to the potential physical, spiritual & psychological harm they may inadvertently incur.



Stay connected to the real world adult performers by maintaining a job that pays real world wages

October 20, 2018

Alexandra Mayers strongly suggests that adult entertainers (namely pornstars and camgirls) maintain a real world job in which they receive mainstream society wages (and not live beyond their means) so that when the day comes that they can no longer make a living as an adult entertainer - their paycheck from a regular job doesn't feel like such a shock.


Is illegal organ harvesting by the elite behind some of the recent pornstar deaths?

October 19, 2018

Alexandra Mayers questions as to whether a group contracted by the wealthy and elite in society to illegally harvest human organs may be behind some of the recent pornstar deaths.

The pornstar talent pool may be viewed as a prime source for human organs such as kidneys, hearts etc being that a pornstar's health records are easily accessible and individuals with rare blood types and other rare genetic anomolies (which may be a match for the elite) could easily be pin pointed by the STD testing clinics. 

Something to think about before deciding to become a sexworker...


Melania Trump’s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham should be fired. TI’s parody isn’t the problem, Melania’s REALITY is the problem.

October 17, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts in regards to the idiocy and hypocrisy of Melania Trump's spokesperson Stephanie Grisham in regards to the Trump administration's alleged problem with rapper TI's recent parody of Melania.

Is Grisham somehow not aware if Melania's history of nude modeling in artistic yet pornographic photos? If she's not aware, Grisham should be fired for not knowing the history of the individual she was hired to speak on behalf of.

The real question is whether the Trump administration is upset with TI due to his parody showcasing a parody of Melania as sexy, or because it showcased a parody of Melania with a Black man (the Trump administration is closely tied to white supremacist groups - ie: Steve Bannon).

Click here for a video interview with the artist who photographed Melania Trump nude and in a sexual situation with another woman...


Pornography: How it’s shaping American politics - but will political administrations ever free the porn industry’s “slaves”?

October 15, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares some thoughts as to how Donald Trump's inability to abstain from essentially privately purchasing a woman (pornstar Stormy Daniels) has led to the pornography industry itself dramatically shaping today's American political climate via Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti (a man who has consistently provided tremendous transparency in regards to the Trump administration & the Trump family.

Alexandra questions as to whether or not a "Pornography Monetization Act" will ever be created - which would parallel the "Music Monetization Act" (which was recently signed by Donald Trump).

Learn more about how the porn industry effects politics on


Women should avoid dating apps nowadays entirely - a few warnings

October 14, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts as to why women seeking a healthy relationship should avoid dating apps entirely - as they're filled primarily with men who should be frequenting brothels rather than pretending to be looking for love.


Balding men, hats, MAGA baseball caps, Kanye West, Trump, cover ups, confidence & chakras

October 12, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts on the recent meeting between Kanye West and today's acknowledged President Donald Trump, her aversion to the #MAGA "Make America Great Again" red baseball caps (which from her perspective draw on the energy of the lowest chakra), why balding men need to stop using "trendy" hats as a means to cover the truth of who they are (especially on dating apps) and why no one should trust the Trump administration due to Donald himself making apparent efforts to cover the fact that he's going bald with (what appears to be) fake yellow hair.


Presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti challenges Donald Trump Jr. to an MMA cage fight - HOT! #Basta

October 9, 2018

Alexandra Mayers has struggled with mixed feelings in regards to Presidential hopeful (and attorney to Stormy Daniels) Michael Avenatti, but today he turned her on again...

Via Twitter, Avenatti has challenged Donald Trump Jr. To an MMA cage fight for charity in response to one of (many) idiotic tweets by Trump Jr.

It seems when Avenatti named his political action committee he wasn't joking around.






Porn publicist Kelli Roberts recruiting girls into porn from white supremacist forums & a history of being institutionalized?

October 9, 2018

Alexandra shares an account from an ex pornstar known as "Ann" in regards to being recruited into the American porn industry through a white supremacist / neo-nazi internet forum by porn industry publicist Kelli Roberts.

In addition, Alexandra shares a bit of history she's viewed via a background check on Kelli which revealed Kelli's being institutionalized into mental fascilities four times over a span of 25 years.

Alexandra emphasizes in this podcast that pornstars have far better options (such as James Bartholet, Erika Ikon or TRPWL) for publicity outside of Kelli Roberts (who's known to routinely utilize Pornwikileaks to bully and blackmail her targets...she in fact has referred to Donny Long, the founder of PWL as "her personal Hitler").


Michael Avenatti - the scapegoat of scared Trump and Kavanaugh supporting white women - but FightPac might be a bad idea…

October 8, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts and some commentary in regards to the latest political news revolving around Michael Avenatti, Brett Kavanaugh, Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump, the new political action committee FightPac and the high percentage of white American women who are responsible for the horrific current political climate.