Alexandra Mayers - just some thoughts

Rape, Abortion, Good, Evil, Freewill & the equalization of the playing field

October 5, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares her final thoughts before the weekend in regards to the current political themes that should be at the forefront of young American women's minds in regards to what's revolving around the Kavanaugh allegations and the Donald Trump administration (rape, abortion, freewill & population control).

Alexandra shares her thoughts as to her realization that rape is the only hope for a certain type of man to procreate. In addition she explains (via the listing of a multitude of celebrities) how certain "powers that be" may see that it's in their own best interest to force people with desirable genetics to procreate (breed).

To make it clear, Alexandra Mayers believes that rapists should be punished via the slicing off of their genitals.

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