Women, do not allow men to shame you into not speaking publicly about abortions you’ve had which you don’t regret. Men who have a problem with it simply hate you have a CHOICE.

January 11, 2019

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts in regards to a tweet she read this morning posted by a mysogynistic pornography industry blogger (who appears to carry a lot of hate towards mature women he's unable to control) who feels that women venting publicly about abortions they've had as being "disgusting".

Women, if you feel the need to vent about any abortions you've had which you don't regret DO IT.

Don't let some old woman hating delusional porn blogger like Sean Tompkins TRPWL tell you it's "disgusting".

Men who have children from multiple women like TRPWL andawho spend their days bloggingbabout and lustinglover pornstars more than half their age just hate that women have a CHOICE as to whether or not to ALLOW them to procreate - and most likely if the gender roles were reversed in regards to which sex goes through pregnancy, far more males would elect to have abortions than females.


The Last Days of August - why every pornography industry professional needs to listen to JoN Ronson’s masterpiece on the REALITY of the adult entertainment industry

January 4, 2019

Look for the complete analysis of Jon Ronson's "The Last Days Of August" (available on audible.com via amazon.com) from Alexandra Mayers on www.AlexandraMayersLIVE.com and on www.PornNewsToday.com

From Alexandra's perspective The Last Days of August is an investigative & educational masterpiece that should be required listening for ever adult entertainment industry professional.

In addition Alexandra Mayers (an ex pornstar and veteran adult industry blogger) finds this audiobook to be particularly healing - and believes it wou likely be a rather therapeutic listen for ex pornstars and sexworkers seeking answers and closure to various themes tied to the adult entertainment industry which are rarely discussed in an open forum.





Pornographer Bree Mills of Girlsway Productions & Gamma Films issues a statement in regards to Lily Adams’ rape allegations against @StillsByAlan

January 2, 2019

Alexandra Mayers follows up yesterday's podcast with an official statement issued by Bree Mills of Girlsway Productions and Gamma Films in regards to pornstar Lily Adams' allegations of rape against a porn industry photographer known as Alan aka @StillsByAlan.

According to the statement, Bree is encouraging a full legal investigation into Lily's claims being that rape is a serious crime.


Pornstar Lily Adams claims photographer @StillsByAlan raped her. Pornographer Bree Mills appears to turn a blind eye. Why?

January 2, 2019

Alexandra Mayers shares the tweets of pornstar Lily Adams in regards to her recent allegations of rape against a porn industry photographer known as @StillsByAlan

From Alexandra's perspective Lily is without a doubt in extreme psychological, emotional & spiritual pain due to whatever in actuality occurred between herself and Alan (which in time will likely come out via legal channels in a court of law) - however the question is why did pornography industry professional Bree Mills (a female pornographer Alan seems to work for) allegedly turn a blind eye to Lily's claims of sexual misconduct?

Other pornographers such as Vince Voyuer have exhibited behavior similar to that of what Lily shared on Twitter in regards to Alan.

In addition, today, Bree Mills works professionally with a man she's labeled on social media as "#MattyNoSocial" who has a history of apparently feeling entitled to sleeping with female adult performers BUT who has neglected to share his true STD status with (at least one of) the performers he has been with sexual with.

Hopefully in time, the leaders of APAGUNION.com will take the situation of men behind the scenes in pornography harming women to task...


My name is Alexandra Melody Mayers. From my perspective only trash living in the past would refer to me as Monica Foster.

December 30, 2018

I'm a public figure and my name is Alexandra Melody Mayers. From my perspective only trash living in the past would refer to me as Monica Foster (the fictitious character I developed as an adult entertainer several years prior to performing under the alias Monica Foster as a pornstar in the American pornography industry).

Today there is not one person left in my life who initially met me or learned of me via the alias "Monica Foster". Therefore, there isn't one person on Earth who should have any problem whatsoever with Alexandra Melody Mayers.

Anyone who believes they do is downright delusional.

Considering a text message exchange I had recently with someone concerned about the unique position I hold in #life, the way I see it, things could go one of two ways...
Those who I briefly interacted with as "Monica Foster" COULD be depicted as stepping stones towards the highly successful position I will hold in the future... OR those same individuals could be depicted quite negatively (via no efforts of my own - but rather by the "powers that be" who've had a plan for my life for a long time).
Just a little something to think about...

For the most part in life, things (and people) are never as they initially appear.

2018 has been the year I solidly learned how to forgive. I've said it before, but I forgive all who've wronged me. I will not #forget, but I do forgive you (because you just don't know better).



Life is what you make of it - so I’ll be wearing a suit and will carry a brief case for the remainder of mine.

December 26, 2018

Alexandra Melody Mayers shares a few post Christmas 2018 thoughts and explains why she'll be wearing a suit (a blazer at the least) and will be carrying a brief case indefinitely starting January of 2019.

Time to get to work...

Happy New Year everyone. Life is what you make of it.



Barron Trump’s future could be similar to Jeb Bush’s. Why do racist bigoted Trump supporters take issue with such a prediction?

December 24, 2018

Tonight, after one of Alexandra Mayers' tweets went semi - viral in regards to a thought (or prediction) she had in regards to Barron Trump (who is privy to a substantial amount of white privilege in America due to his immigrant mother who has a questionable history and his father who has the "complexion for the protection"), Alexandra just may have solid evidence that Donald Trump's primary voting base is nothing more than a pack of white supremacist segregationists who embody WWII era Nazi ideals...

The reality is Barron Trump is no better than the immigrant children who are his peers. Children who have been separated from their parents and psychologically harmed. Children who his father Donald Trump harmed (a jerk of a man Barron's mother supports).

Learn more about Melania Trump's history in this interview: https://youtu.be/lyB0oZ_0_vg



A tweet from Kathy Griffin and a date who may have already served his purpose

December 20, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares a few thoughts on a tweet she received from one of her favorite politically minded comedians Kathy Griffin - and why she can relate to a few things Kathy went through after making an artistic statement regarding Donald Trump.

Alexandra also talks about how at this phase in life she'd rather put her energy into her personal projects opposed to starting a new romantic relationship... primarily because nowadays Alexandra feels very complete.


Kids and Pornography don’t mix. Child protective services has reportedly rescued pornographer and male prostitute Donny Long’s daughter.

December 19, 2018

It was reported earlier today that Child Protective Services of Alabama have rescued the elementary school aged daughter of a male prostitute and pornographer known as Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane.

Apparently one of Seoane's neighbors witnessed him filming pornography featuring his pregnant wife outside on their balcony while Seoane's daughter was watching.

Alexandra Mayers suggests that if you see adult entertainers posting photographs of their children on the same social media account or website that features (or links to) explicit content you report it immediately - because children and pornography DO NOT MIX.


Pornstar Trinity St. Claire vs Dave of The Luxury Companion - the reality of old men vs young women in the porn industry

December 15, 2018

Alexandra Mayers provides commentary on the blatant ongoing bullying, stalking and harassment of pornstar Trinity St. Claire by an old man well into his 50s known as Dave (an operator of the escort agency known as now Luxury Companion).

From Alexandra Mayers' perspective Dave and his associates are utilizing psychological warfare techniques (via social media and blog posts) against Trinity in attempt to push her to push her to suicide (not to unlike what happened to August Ames).

In the spirit of the Christmas season Alexandra asks that her listeners send Trinity a positive thought (as though she is not perfect, she appears to be trying to build something for herself in life).