Rethinking the roles of destruction white women have played in my life as a Black American woman. It’s not white males who are the problem, it’s their mothers.

October 8, 2018

Post the brett Kavanaugh hearings, enabled by the Donald Trump administration, Alexandra Mayers has taken the time to review the roles white women (American and from abroad) have played in her life and how they've negatively (in many instances) effected her activism in regards to the pornography industry, her personal relationships and how historically (from her perspective) many have been incredibly detrimental to women's civil rights as a whole.

Alexandra Mayers from here on will likely never speak another negative word about how the adult entertainment industry allegedly negatively effects white American women again - because from her point of view, the truth is they're just fine with enslaving themselves and relinquishing the right to think for themselves in effort to preserve white privilege and white "purity" for their sons, fathers and brothers.

"Old white American men" didn't appear out of no where. Their mothers created, enabled and support them. It's possible American pre-civil war slavery would have ended far earlier were it not for the attitude and presence of the multitudes of white American women at that time.

At the end of this podcast Alexandra shares a list of multiracial (half black and half white) celebrities - and an overwhelmingly high percentage have white mothers. Alexandra believes the reason is due to white males fearing having children with Black women due to their own racist white mother's attitudes (which is something Alexandra has experienced first hand).

Would Barack Obama have been elected president we're his mother Black rather than white? Unlikely - because more often than not multiracial offspring of Black women identify as "Black" - and since the days of Frederick Douglass, white society (white women namely) have viewed that mentality as a "threat". Is the reason why America (white women specifically) has an aversion to Meghan Markle and Trevor Noah due to their mothers being Black? Most likely...


Maybe ALL Black men and White women should lose their right to vote in America

October 8, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares how the reality is that a vast majority of Black American males have lost their right to vote due to corruption in the legal system, so being that many white American females have essentially turned a blind eye to the rape & assault of women (along with a woman's right to abortion) by supporting the Trump administration and Brett Kavanaugh - perhaps to "equal the American political playing field" NO WHITE WOMEN OR BLACK MEN should be allowed to vote in anymore American elections 

No soup for you!!!


Why is pornstar Desi Foxx complaining about Randazza Legal Group? They gave her white privilege being a pass!

October 8, 2018

Alexandra Mayers questions why Diana formerly known as Desi Foxx has the audacity to complain about or even reference Randazza Legal Group considering that due to the white privilege and questionable status she enjoys as an alleged sex trafficking "victim", they gave her a pass...

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster endured a half a million dollar lawsuit filed against her by Randazza - not the trouble maker known as Desi Foxx (who agressively supports Donald Trump and the GOP).

As of current Randazza is of great assistance to the GOP considering the neo nazi, white supremacist, extremist (Alex Jones) and members of the Satanic Temple he represents. What exactly is Desi's problem with that? Is her real issue Randazza's client Dennis Hof (a man Desi willingly worked for)?

From Alexandra's perspective it's white American women like Desi who are the reason women's civil rights in America are at risk.


Rape, Abortion, Good, Evil, Freewill & the equalization of the playing field

October 5, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares her final thoughts before the weekend in regards to the current political themes that should be at the forefront of young American women's minds in regards to what's revolving around the Kavanaugh allegations and the Donald Trump administration (rape, abortion, freewill & population control).

Alexandra shares her thoughts as to her realization that rape is the only hope for a certain type of man to procreate. In addition she explains (via the listing of a multitude of celebrities) how certain "powers that be" may see that it's in their own best interest to force people with desirable genetics to procreate (breed).

To make it clear, Alexandra Mayers believes that rapists should be punished via the slicing off of their genitals.

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White American women have been enslaved by their own sons (who THEY raised)

October 5, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares some more thoughts on Candace Owens and the hypocrisy of many White American women since the Kavanaugh allegations.

Alexandra Mayers explains how from her perspective white American women have raised their own sons to be their own worst enemies - being that guys like Hugh Hefner and Dennis Hof both had white American mothers.

Is it possible that white American men are taking the civil rights from their female counterparts as a means of protecting them (in other words because they don't believe their counterparts are capable of rational thought)? 



Beautanity Is Everything

October 3, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts about Beautanity. Learn more on

Beautanity is EVERYTHING.



Attention WOMEN: Trump supporters and voters are UNDATEABLE and dangerous. Avoid them if you care about your civil rights and safety (in regards to rape)

September 28, 2018

Alexandra Mayers warns single women who care about their civil rights and their safety (in regards to abuse, rape and sexual assault) to avoid Trump supporters and voters.

As of September 27, 2018 attorney Michael Avenatti revealed to the world that Trump supporters and voters appear to have the agenda of silencing rape victims and normalizing (if not legalizing) the sexual assault / abuse of women in attempt to roll back women's civil rights.

Before dating any man, Alexandra Mayers strongly encourages women to run a public search for the man's voter registration to check his political affiliations AND she suggests women check men they date's social media to learn what they really feel about women's rights in American society.


Statistics show the majority of rapists in America are white males - is Michael Avenatti exposing an institution of white males enabling their peers to continue crimes against American women?

September 27, 2018

In this podcast Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts about the Brett Kavanaugh allegations, rape and what appears to be an agenda by a certain institution in America of white males who seek to allow their white male peers to get a free pass to rape women (lawyer Michael Avenatti seems to be one of the few brave enough to tell the truth of this matter).

Alexandra also shares that from her perspective the apparent coverup of rape in the political sphere reflects what she witnessed in the white male dominated pornography industry.


How Randazza Legal group is using pornographers, pornwikileaks & white supremacists to stifle the civil rights of & encourage sexual assault against white American women

September 26, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares how Randazza Legal Group & various other "free speech" attorneys and lawyers are using pornographers, pornwikileaks (Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long), bloggers (such as Sean Tompkins aka TRPWL) & white supremacists (Andrew Anglin, Jared Taylor and their supporters such as Alex Jones) to stifle the civil rights of & encourage sexual assault against white American women.

Alexandra also explains how pimps like Dennis Hof & that of The Luxury Companion have worked with social media bullies and bloggers like Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long and Sean Tompkins to create an environment to where pornstars (specifically white women who are sexworkers) lose all credibility and are not believed by law enforcement when assaulted due to the mantra they promote of "all whores lie".

The reality is (especially in today's mysogynistic Trump political atmosphere) that if it's normalized to rape white women (sexworker or not - at this point women who are not in actuality sexworkers are often being falsely labeled as such on criminal hate crime extortion enterprises such as Pornwikileaks), then due to the social hierarchy, it will become the norm for men to get away with raping all women 


A mentality of it being “OK” for white males to abuse Black women and women of color is being cultivated by evil men linked to pornography who happen to be white males

September 26, 2018

Alexandra Mayers outlines in this podcast how a small group of evil misogynistic and dangerous men linked to organized crime (who happene to be white males) are cultivating a mentality within our society that deems it okay to either physically or psychologically abuse Black women (or women of color) due to it being less likely that law enforcement would believe such women (opposed to their white female counterparts) them or take them seriously should they seek protection from their abuser.

In no way is Alexandra Mayers against healthy interracial relationships that are built upon the RIGHT reasons (love). However, Alexandra Mayers is adamantly against women being targeted for abuse.

The white males primarily being the abuse (and extreme defamation, stalking threats, bullying and other criminal activity) Alexandra Mayers has endured are Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane, Sean Matthew Tompkins aka TRPWL of The Real Pornwikileaks (both of these men are on public record for harming women of color) and 2 attorneys of Randazza Legal Group.

Alexandra Mayers has never encountered in person Seoane, Tompkins or one of the attorneys of Randazza - though all three men attempted to coerce her to meet them (outside of a USA court of law - which is the only venue in which any of these named men will ever face Alexandra Mayers).