Before you attempt to date, be honest with yourself as to whether or not you are in actuality single and available

November 8, 2018

Alexandra Mayers briefly shares some dating advice to both men & women seeking love by suggesting that before they present themselves as being "single and available" they take honest stock of who's in their lives to determine if they indeed in actuality are.

Being "taken" or "in a relationship" doesn't always necessarily mean that you're in a sexual or romantic relationship with someone else - it often depends upon the perspectives & intent of those in your life you have a close connection with.

Remember - just as everyone isn't into monogamy, not everyone is open to polygamy either (and polygamy can take on the forms of psychological, emotional & spiritual - just as it can in sexual, romantic & marital equations).


Did I meet some Time Travelers at Deerfield Beach today?

November 8, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts about having a nice & relaxing day at Deerfield Beach - and she questions whether or not a photographer & violinist who approached her were in actuality time travelers who decided to visit the future 2024 President of the United States.

Nothing is impossible when you think about how time carries innovation.

Alexandra Mayers also discusses the recent New Mexico Native American presence in politics & a song she recently wrote titled "War on Women" inspired by Alice Walker.


Why are Trump supporters attacking me for finding Michael Avenatti attractive? He’s helped my dating life!

November 5, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares her observations in regards to her finding it disturbing that Trump supporters on social media (Twitter) are attacking her due to her openly stating that she finds attorney Michael Avenatti attractive. 

Ironically Michael Avenatti's presence in the media (and his bold, courageous and compassionate personality) has helped  Alexandra's dating life substantially - as he's made her realize that she needs to give men who embody qualities which parallel that of which Avenatti embodies a chance. 

Thanks to Michael Avenatti's influence, Alexandra had a fantastic date last week with a bald ex-fighter. Life's funny like that isn't it.


Shooting pool,social life development & more

November 4, 2018

Alexandra shares her thoughts about shooting pool, balancing her being by redeveloping a healthy social life & more...


WHAT IS WHITE? Is “creepy porn lawyer” white nationalist code created by David Duke? The porn industry is controlled by wealthy whites, NOT the Jewish people

October 29, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares her concerns and observations in regards to attorney Michael Avenatti being fraudulently labeled a "creepy porn lawyer" by politicians and public figures who appear to be following a lingual code and character assassination aka "dog whistle" blueprint designed by white nationalist David Duke.

In addition Alexandra outlines the fact of how the American pornography industry is controlled by white Americans - it is NOT controlled by the Jewish people. 

Alexandra Mayers shares a list of the American WHITES who (from her perspective) control and is of great influence within the American porn industry (many of the individuals appear not to support Avenatti):

Steve Hirsch, Derek Hay, Mark Schechter, Mark Spiegler, Sandra of OC modeling, Kelly Holland of Penthouse, Michael Fattorosi, Marc Randazza, Dennis Hof, Larry Flynt, Hugh Hefner, Holly Randall, Suze Randall, Axel Braun, Will Ryder, Sean Tompkins aka TRPWL, Eric Paul Leue director of the Free Speech Coalition.


What is WHITE? The Seminole tribe has officially stated there is no evidence that Trump supporter Cesar Sayoc aka Cesar Altieri RANDAZZO is a member of their tribe or employed by their casinos

October 27, 2018

Alexandra Mayers provides a recap in regards to this week's political news linked to Donald Trump's announcement that he is a "nationalist" & in regards to #MAGAbomber Caesar Sayoc AKA Caesar Randazzo allegedly not being Native American or a member of the Seminole tribe (as reporred via an official statement issued by the Seminole Tribe Council).

Alexandra Mayers questions "what exactly is "white" today?" Does the racial classification of "white" need to be redefined considering that there are many individuals who are of multiracial descent that classify themselves as "white" even though many racial purists are quick to denounce their whiteness?




“Where am I?” - mistaking a mental institution for a resort - just another day at work in America

October 25, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts about how at this point in time many Americans could greatly benefit from a stay in an upscale mental health fascility considering today's political, social and economic climates (which have greatly led to the deterioration of American family dynamics).

Alexandra also relates that no one who's led an unconventional life should feel they're unemployable - as there are many who are open to hiring those who've walked on the wild side.


Since the FOSTA legislation, have high end shopping venues in conjunction with dating apps replaced Craigslist and Backpage?

October 21, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares more tips for adult entertainers seeking real world (non adult industry employment) and questions as to whether or not today's millennial adult entertainers & sexworkers have replaced Craigslist adult personals & Backpage with dating apps & high end shopping venues.

Alexandra Mayers does believe & shares that all humans (male male or female) should not ever sell themselves outsideoof their comfort zone due to the potential physical, spiritual & psychological harm they may inadvertently incur.



Stay connected to the real world adult performers by maintaining a job that pays real world wages

October 20, 2018

Alexandra Mayers strongly suggests that adult entertainers (namely pornstars and camgirls) maintain a real world job in which they receive mainstream society wages (and not live beyond their means) so that when the day comes that they can no longer make a living as an adult entertainer - their paycheck from a regular job doesn't feel like such a shock.


Is illegal organ harvesting by the elite behind some of the recent pornstar deaths?

October 19, 2018

Alexandra Mayers questions as to whether a group contracted by the wealthy and elite in society to illegally harvest human organs may be behind some of the recent pornstar deaths.

The pornstar talent pool may be viewed as a prime source for human organs such as kidneys, hearts etc being that a pornstar's health records are easily accessible and individuals with rare blood types and other rare genetic anomolies (which may be a match for the elite) could easily be pin pointed by the STD testing clinics. 

Something to think about before deciding to become a sexworker...