Alexandra Mayers - just some thoughts

What is WHITE? The Seminole tribe has officially stated there is no evidence that Trump supporter Cesar Sayoc aka Cesar Altieri RANDAZZO is a member of their tribe or employed by their casinos

October 27, 2018

Alexandra Mayers provides a recap in regards to this week's political news linked to Donald Trump's announcement that he is a "nationalist" & in regards to #MAGAbomber Caesar Sayoc AKA Caesar Randazzo allegedly not being Native American or a member of the Seminole tribe (as reporred via an official statement issued by the Seminole Tribe Council).

Alexandra Mayers questions "what exactly is "white" today?" Does the racial classification of "white" need to be redefined considering that there are many individuals who are of multiracial descent that classify themselves as "white" even though many racial purists are quick to denounce their whiteness?