Dennis Hof & the Nevada Legal brothel system appear to be victims of Tina Trenner white supremacist political FRAUD!

December 9, 2018

Upon investigation into the public figure, white supremacist and political operative Tina Trenner (who is openly aligned with Roger Stone), Alexandra Mayers believes that the late Dennis Hof and the Nevada Legal brothel system are victims of political fraud designed to manipulate the vote and attempt to tie the powerful and influential legal Nevada adult industry to bigotry & racist white supremacist hate. 

Alexandra Mayers (though not a fan of Dennis Hof) does not believe that Hof condoned Tina Trenner's paranoid racist delusions - and likely was planning to sever ties with her prior to his death.


Pornwikileaks claims that pornographer Will Ryder casts pedophiles in his adult parodies distributed by Hustler. Is Donny Long attempting to destroy Ryder’s career due to jealousy?

December 7, 2018

Late last night the racist white supremacist tied hatecrime said to be a front for a child pornography operation posted claims in tegrega to award winning pornographer Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullin's casting of alleged pedophiles in his adult parody movies Not The Cosby's xxx 1 and 2 (distributed by Hustler and Larry Flynt productions).

The hate crime website went as far as to specifically name who they believe the pedophile who performed in the movie to be.

The founder, supporter and promoter of Pornwikileaks (Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long who is currently facing charges of stalking in Broward county Florida) routinely makes claims that the information on Pornwikileaks is accurate, so the question is - why report these claims now considering that for years Seoane has publicly stated the Will Ryder is his friend? Is it due to Seoane's jealousy of Ryder's success?

Furthermore, should current pornstars and adult performers continue to take roles in movies produced by Will Ryder and distributed by Hustler if years later they will be labeled an alleged pedophile by Pornwikileaks and Donald Carlos Seoane? Why would the adult industry be OK with the continued distribution of content featuring alleged pedophiles?

Alexandra Mayers will keep the public posted on this situation as it seems the California Labor Board and the District Attorneys office may need to be notified to launch a thorough investigation into this situation.


Pornwikileaks & Donny Long aka Donald Carlos Seoane label Will Ryder adult parodies “child pornography”. Are they?

December 6, 2018

As of tonight the white supremacist hate crime said to be a front for a child pornography and pedophile sex trafficking operation (founded, supported and promoted by Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long) has labeled pornographer Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullin's adult parodies ("Not the Cosby's xxx" specifically - distributed by Hustler and Larry Flynt productions) as child pornography.

Which other pornographers will Donny Long and Pornwikileaks claim are pedophiles and child pornographers over the next few weeks? Is Donny Long doing this as an extortion attempt or simply as revenge upon those he is jealous of (kind of like when he threw hundreds of pornstars under the bus years ago by releasing their personal information to the public)?


Everywhere you find white supremacists you also find pedophiles. The racist website Pornwikileaks is the perfect example of such a situation.

December 6, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts about how everwhere white supremacists are found, pedophiles and people linked to child pornography seem to be present as well.

Alexandra explains a bit about the tie between child pornography, sex trafficking, pedophilia, pornwikileaks and Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long. She also shares recent news in regards to the child rapist Jeffrey Epstein. 


Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene are more important than commentating on the pornography industry, the APAG Union or white supremacists of XXXSTARPR

December 5, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares why this Christmas season marks her complete departure from reporting, researching & commentating on the American pornography industry (primarily due to the proven white supremacist, neo-nazi and Ku Klux Klan / KKK linkage, association and ever growing presence within the American adult entertainment industry).

In this podcast Alexandra Mayers outlines how xxxstarpr (a porn industry publicity and public relations company) is directly tied to the white supremacist hatecrime founded, supported and promoted by the apparent neo nazi Donald Carlos Seoane aka Donny Long and Sean Matthew Tompkins' connection. Due to the recent endorsement of the Adult performers actors guild (Apagunion) of xxxstarpr Alexandra Mayers can no longer vouch for the union itself but she does consider the women who are it's leaders decent human beings overall (as of current).

In the conclusion of this podcast Alexandra Mayers shares how (and why) Jesus Christ should be someone every pornstar, sex worker and adult entertainer should want in their corner (due to his standing up for Mary Magdalene).

Beware of xxxstarpr - just as Good is real so is the Devil (and when you think what the Devil gave you was free, he comes to collect when you least expect it).


I love Christmas - but I’m not a fan of those LED holiday projectors

December 4, 2018

Alexandra Mayers shares a few thoughts about how much she loves Christmas and the process of hanging outdoor holiday lights. The popular LED Christmas projectors just aren't her style.....


Stormy Daniels threw Michael Avenatti & the Democrats under the bus today. The political powers that be likely won’t turn a blind eye to her or Keith M. Davidson

November 29, 2018

Stormy Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford threw Michael Avenatti & the Democrats under the bus today.

This latest move from the reigning queen of porn who was apparently afraid to lose her title due to her seemingly lacking the confidence to build a life for herself in the mainstream world is not surprising...

After all, her mother was documented in mainstream media as being a trump supporter.

The political powers that be likely won't turn a blind eye to her or Keith M. Davidson (the lawyer allegedly involved in the payout to Stormy from Trump (a situation not to much unlike what transpired between another pornstar scandal Davidson was involved in centering around Charlie Sheen and pornstar Capri Anderson).

Alexandra Mayers personally is indifferent in regards to Stormy Daniels, but she shares in this podcast that most likely other people with a heavy stake in American politics will not be...

In Alexandra's opinion, pimps linked to the porn industry arranging meetings between pornstars and political figures have far too much influence.

It appears Xbiz knew of this development before mainstream media considering this tweet:


If Breitbart News is correct about Michael Avenatti he is unfit to be President in my opinion due to his dating preferences

November 20, 2018

Today it was reported that 47 year old Michael Avenatti's arrest stemmed from an argument he had with his (as reported by Breitbart news) 20 year old girlfriend who is from the country of Estonia.

Alexandra Mayers shares in this podcast (which she will follow up later with a video podcast on that from her perspective at this stage Michael Avenatti is not fit to run for President, because had he not gotten into an argument with his girlfriend - had he been elected President we'd have ANOTHER foreign born First Lady but this time only about 22 or 23 years old.

It is a scientific fact that the human brain is not fully developed untill the age of 25.

For my video podcast follow up visit this link:

For The Young Turks analysis of the situation in regards to Michael Avenatti click here:


Why is the blog obtained by operators of the luxury companion consistently attacking attorney michael Avenatti? Is Keith M. Davidson behind the hateful posts?

November 13, 2018

Why is the blog known as MikeSouth (which was obtained via a lawsuit against Michael Strother by the operators of The Luxury Companion) consistently attacking attorney and Presidential hopeful Michael Avenatti?

Is Keith M. Davidson behind the hateful posts? It would make sense if he is considering that both Davidson and an operator of The Luxury Companion were tied to the Richard Nanula pornstar sex scandal. 

Why is a blog controlled by a pornstar escort operation so concerned with Michael Avenatti's political activism and legal dealings? Could it be due to someone seeking to shield Keith from legal action due to his possible knowledge of other sex scandals tied to The Luxury Companion which may parallel that of Stormy Daniels v. Donald Trump?


Mount Olive church members victims of violence incitement by apparent racist Roger Stone political operatives Laura Loomer and Jacob Engels to intimidate Andrew Gillum

November 13, 2018

Alexandra Mayers (a Black / African American Broward county Florida resident) sharess her commentary & observations in regards to her observations of the political protests by the Republican GOP Donald Trump administration against the elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes and her office which is doing no more than properly counting the vote of the recent election between Andrew Gillum & Ron DeSantis.

Alexandra also shares commentary in regards to the racist driven politically rooted incitement of violence instigated by apparent Roger Stone linked GOP operatives Laura Loomer and Jacob Engels against Black members and Jewish American defenders of the Mount Olive Baptist Church in fort Lauderdale florida.

There is no evidence the Brenda Snipes of the Lauderhill Florida elections office was in the Mount Olive Baptist Church the evening of November 11, 2018. Why are Loomer and Engels inciting violence against her? She is an educated Black woman in her later years simply doing her best as a sane American civil servant!