Men who are the Father’s of Daughters who post misogynistic hate of women on the internet are child abusers

February 9, 2019

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts as to why she believes men (who are the Father's of Daughters) that elect to label all Women as "whores") and/or who promote misogynistic viewpoints should be considered child abusers - as they're not only marking their daughters as prime victims to future predators, but they're destroying their daughter's sense of self.


Success - it’s all perspective

February 7, 2019

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts as to what "success" truly is - and explains why today she is a successful person.

She believes "faith" is the key.

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Women, studies are not yet conclusive as to whether or not PreP alters the effectiveness of Birth Control Pills - BEWARE!

February 3, 2019

As the civil war in regards to elements relating to pornstar STD testing, HIV and consent continues - Alexandra Mayers has discovered that there has not been enough data obtained just yet by Gilead Sciences in regards to whether or not PreP pharmaceuticals (which the Free Speech Coalition is suggesting female pornstars take) alter the effectiveness of the pill form of hormonal birth control.

Is the Free Speech Coalition pushing PreP to women who are pornstars and sexworkers in effort to assist Gilead Sciences in concluding some of their studies in regards to how PreP effects women? From Alexandra's perspective the American porn industry should not be viewed (or used) as a "petri dish".

Alexandra doesn't take issue with the reality of the PreP being approximately 97% effective for men in monogamous relationships - nor does she dispute the for the most part Undetectable equates to Untransmittable (U=U) - but the reality is that the pornography industry is NOT a monogamous relationship.

The mantra of PreP equating to Birth Control is illogical from Alexandra's perspective - as a pregnancy can be terminated (aborted), but HIV can only be suppressed (as of current) rather than completely terminated. 


It’s time for the letter “A” (which stands for ACCEPTANCE to be added to LGBT and LGBTQ

January 27, 2019

Alexandra Melody Mayers shares her thoughts about her experience of being the daughter of a man (her father) who elected to be himself - a productive, prosperous & sane member of the LGBT community and humanity.

Alexandra Mayers was accepting of her father's being from day one - which is why she feels it would be nice for the LGBT and LGBTQ communities to add the letter "A" for "acceptance" in their "label" and hashtag so that their children and others who love and understand their being can feel included within their communities.


I’m OK after my emotional social media outburst. Thoughts on family, immunity to colonialism tied manipulation & Hyapatia Lee’s teachings.

January 25, 2019

Over the past 48 hours or so I had what I'll define as a "social media emotional outburst" on Twitter, but I'm not ashamed because I tweeted (said) a few things that I've needed to express for years.

As I'm delving into Hyapatia Lee's Native Stength world, I'm waking up... It's possible I'm taking in her potent medicine too quickly, but I will continue on my journey of embodying what she shares - as already the knowledge she disseminates has been helpful to my reaching a better understanding of my family's mentality and who I am as an individual.

As an African American woman what Hyapatia shares in regards to her people (the Cherokee tribe) having been immune to the manipulation of European colonialism is important to me, as I feel it's the colonialism mentality that has been detrimental to African American Black families and women of ALL ethnic origins.

I'm tired of the hate and bigotry. Today I'm focused on love. Look for my next podcast as I share more of my personal path and thoughts on what it is to be a human being today.

To my family - it's time to be who you really are, and it's time to be nicer to ME.

Learn more about  Hyapatia Lee's teachings and Native Stength (which is strength I believe ALL humans could benefit from) on



Relaxing with a Stella Artois Cidre tonight giving thanks to Hyapatia Lee’s teachings and the presence of God via Jesus Christ - Travel is on the horizon…

January 23, 2019

Christians who believe in God & Jesus Christ would do well by listening to Hyapatia Lee's perspective of what it is to be human and how existence operates (at least from Alexandra Mayers' perspective).

In this podcast, Alexandra shares a few thoughts about her personal life, her affinity for God via Jesus Christ and how controlling emotions IS possible (and beneficial) - while she enjoys a Cidre ale after a long (yet productive) day.

Learn more about Hyapatia Lee's "Native Strength" here:


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Men, stop ASSUMING single women at a bar are prostitutes opposed to POLITICIANS!

January 21, 2019

Alexandra Mayers wishes everyone a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day, lists the various women who have officially announced their candidacy for the  2020 Presidency and reviews a news item out of New York which states that an eating establishment will no longer allow female patrons to eat at a bar alone due to their belief that women who do are (by default) prostitutes.

Alexandra Mayers questions what exactly in today's society is leading males (who embody a misogynistic mentality) to automatically assume that a woman eating and/or drinking solo at a bar is a prostitute rather than a CEO, business owner, lawyer, doctor or politician?



Are hateful politicians attempting to utilize homophobia to deflect from child abuse & pedophiles?

January 15, 2019

Alexandra Mayers announces that she will be focusing on her political commentary projects opposed to her pornography industry commentary projects on for the next few months, since Jon Ronson's recent audiobook release essentially provided closure & conclusion to what the truth (from her perspective) of the porn industry really is.

In this podcast, Alexandra questions as to whether the homophobic attitude of several in the American pornography industry AND in Donald Trump's political administration is in actuality a smoke screen or shield to deflect from enabling of pedophiles such as Jeffrey Epstein.


The fertility rate in America is NOT on the decline. Intelligent American women are ON STRIKE and refuse to breed with American males who enabled the PEDOPHILE enabling Trump administration!

January 13, 2019

Alexandra Mayers shares her thoughts in regards to the news this week in regards to the fertility & birth rate of American's being on the decline as pure Donald Trump administration propaganda.

The reality is intelligent American women are on strike against the American men who have enabled the racist, misogynistic, homophobic & bigoted Trump administration and refuse to contribute to an administration which enables and protects WHITE AMERICAN MALE CONVICTED PEDOPHILES such as Jeffrey Epstein!

Stock up on Plan B American women and escape to the North! Help the children already here and their mother's forced to endure this mess to escape with us! Once we all exit America, we can build another wall to keep Trump and his administration with their "90 day fiance's" away from us.


Pornstars, forget a No List focus on a Yes List - every adult actress can be like Jessica Drake if they stand their ground & say no to misogyny

January 11, 2019

Alexandra Mayers just had an epiphany in regards to something every female pornstar / adult actress needs to at least consider (thanks to a new friend Alexandra connected with on social media)...

Pornstars, forget the "No List" - replace it with a "Yes List".

The reality is the newer you are to the American pornography industry, the more power you have. So it's important from the start you stand your ground to retain it. Remember, the biggest LIE in the adult industry is that you need them opposed to them needing you (new people & fresh content is established porn professional's LIFELINE).

Why is a "no list" more of a commonality opposed to a "yes list"? Likely due to the industry being based on a misogynistic mentality - but that can change! Alexandra believes today's camgirls transitioning into the industry are already changing it...

In everyday civilian life men have to earn there way onto a woman's "yes list" more often than not - so why not in the pornography industry?

What Alexandra Mayers proposes in this podcast would likely change the content produced in industry for the better and would shift the trend from content based on violence and humiliation to that depicting consensual sex with a more loving tone.

There is no reason for adult actresses and pornstars to be jealous of Jessica Drake due to her choice to only work with a select few men... Anyone can enjoy the short Yes List that Jessica Drake does if they aggressively take their personal power and stand their ground to retain it.